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Loan Officer
Interest in finance career and small business development
University or college degree
Active, dynamic, ready to visit businesses door to door
Strong communication and analytical skills
Teamwork, proactivity and commitment to excellence in customer service
Desire to grow within the world of microfinance, with energy, enthusiasm and a young spirit; able to think creatively, willing to take on challenges and open to feedback
Any work experience in sales and customer service will be valued
Preferably have completed university studies in careers related to finance, accounting or administration
What we provide:
Financial career

Build a solid career in finance and realize your career goals. Discover how our solutions can help you grow in the financial world.

Personal and professional development

Enhance your skills and reach your personal and professional goals with our personal development tools and resources. Find out how we can help you be the best version of yourself.

Employment in an international financial company

Join our team and be part of a leading international financial company in the market. Find out how our employment opportunities can help you grow professionally.

Good working environment

Work in a positive and collaborative work environment that allows you to develop your full potential. Discover how our work environment fosters the personal and professional growth of our collaborators.

Active sales and acquisition of business customers in your area
Credit analysis and verification of financial capacity
Preparing financial resume and credit committee
Business and financial advisory to customer to make best use of their skills and our money
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