Raul Rivero

General Manager, with extensive experience in managing banks focused on MSMEs and development financing and consulting. Her background includes key management roles in Peru and Colombia, and managing startup projects in Central America.
Areas of Expertise:
• Strategic Management in Microfinance
• Commercial and Risk Management
• Operational and Technological Innovation

Carlos Mario Villabón Barrero
Head of Finance and Administration

Experienced Administrative and Financial Manager, with a professional background in leading interdisciplinary teams in areas of financial management, Treasury, and in the management of market, financial and IT risks. Recognized for his ability to implement strategies that optimize profitability and ensure the stability of companies, as well as management with funders and regulatory bodies.
Areas of Expertise:
• Financial Management and Treasury
• Analysis and Management of Financial Risks
• Strategies for Business Profitability and Stability

Oscar Villaseca
Risk Manager

Outstanding Risk Manager with a 20-year track record in the banking sector in Latin America. His focus has been on lending to MSMEs, credit risk management, operational efficiency, and staff training and development.
Areas of Expertise:
• Risk Analysis: Expert in Identifying, Evaluating and Mitigating Financial Risks.
• Strategic Leadership: Ability to Lead Teams Towards Achieving Strategic Objectives.
• Staff Development: Committed to Team Training and Professional Development.

Sergio Jáuregui
Head of Business

It stands out in the commercial field with a special focus on MSMEs. Bringing strategic focus and the ability to develop innovative business solutions, he has contributed significantly to growth and value in the organizations he has led. His vision for identifying and capitalizing on market opportunities distinguishes him as a leader in the microfinance sector.
Areas of Expertise:
• Leadership in Commercial Teams in MSMEs
• Development of Commercial Strategies
• Value Generation and Business Growth

Juan Pablo Soto Claus
Recovery Manager (Collection)

Strategic professional with more than 15 years of experience in the banking and microfinance sector, notable for his leadership capacity in collections management, implementing end-to-end processes, negotiation, and process optimization.
Areas of Expertise:
• Design and Implementation of Portfolio Recovery Strategies
• Recovery Equipment Development
• Contribution to Sustainable Growth

Andrés Sarmiento
Head of IT and operations

He has more than 15 years of experience in the financial, cooperative and microfinance sectors. In Panama, his career has been distinguished by effective leadership in risk management and in the development and optimization of products and processes, always with a focus on market trends, customer needs and the efficient use of technological tools.
Areas of Expertise:
• Risk Management and Product Development
• Process Optimization and Customer Knowledge
• Leadership in Digital Transformation and Automation

María Laura Trujillo
Legal Manager

Solid academic training, holding a master's degree in Banking and Financial Markets Law and a specialty in Banking Legal Advice. Her career has been characterized by outstanding ability in leading strategic negotiations and supervising corporate legal activities in the financial and public spheres.

Areas of Expertise:
• Strategic Negotiations and Legal Supervision
• Banking Legal Advice
• Regulatory Compliance Management

Mariangela Luengo
Head of HR

Experienced human resources professional, with a comprehensive focus on the selection, training and development of human talent. Her career has been characterized by the successful implementation of projects aimed at strengthening individual skills and competencies, as well as the general well-being of collaborators. Her holistic approach and ability to identify and cultivate potential have contributed significantly to the success and cohesion of the teams she has worked with.
Areas of Expertise:
• Selection and training of personnel
• Development of Competencies and Skills
• Promotion of Wellbeing in the Workplace

Edgardo Muñoz
Internal Audit Manager

Solid experience of 25 years in the financial sector, including banks, finance companies, consulting firms and auditing firms in Panama. As a Master in Forensic Auditing, she has held critical roles in internal auditing, regional comptrollership, external auditing and accounting.

Areas of Expertise:
• Risk Management and Forensic Audit
• Process Optimization and Compliance
• Leadership in Transformation and Continuous Improvement