Raul Rivero

General Manager, with extensive experience in managing MSME banks. Raul has held various managerial positions in microfinance entities in Peru and Colombia and worked as MSME consultant in Latin America. Raul’s focus is on risk, operations and finance areas.

Miroslav Mitic
Deputy General Manager

Miroslav has extensive experience managing and advising MSME institutions in Latin America. He has led credit and operations in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. In the company Miroslav is responsible for managing business and recovery areas.

Sergio Jáuregui
Head of Business

Sergio has extensive experience leading MSME banking and microfinance teams in Bolivia. In the company he is responsible for managing the business team.

Carlos Mario Villabón Barrero
Head of Finance and Administration

Carlos has extensive finance manager experience in MSME banks and microfinance companies in Latin America. His most recent experience is in Colombia managing finance, treasury and IT. In the company responsible for finance, administration and reporting.

Mariangela Luengo
Head of HR

Mariangela has background in HR and is responsible with building and maintaining a strong professional team in CFE. She is responsible for staff hiring, HR management, staff assessment and training.

Andrés Sarmiento
Head of IT and operations

Andres has more than 15 years of MSME experience in operations and IT. In CFE he is responsible for IT, automation, digital transformation and operations areas.